31. May 2016. - 02. June 2016.

IoT Week 2016 - Belgrade, Serbia

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30. August 2015. - 05. September 2015.

SenZations'15 10th Summer School on IoT and Applications, Belgrade

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02. September 2014. - 05. September 2014.

ENoLL 5th Summerschool in Amsterdam

01. September 2014. - 09. September 2014.

SenZations'14 Summer School in Biograd na Moru, Croatia

9th Summer School on IoT and Applications

16. June 2014. - 20. June 2014.

IoT week in London

This is one of THE IoTevent  yearly event in Europe, and of-course we will be there! It´s organized by the IoT Forum where partners of IoT Lab are  members. (Alexandra Institute, Mandat International, University of Surrey , LTU and Dunavnet.The event will focus to the emerging opportunities; connecting the global business and research communities innovating at the boundaries of IoT; promoting international collaboration and addressing societal and market issues.
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11. June 2014. - 12. June 2014.

IoT Lab participating - Creative Summit, Sweden

This year we're going to look at why some people and companies, repeatedly develop ideas and concepts into great projects, campaigns and even new products, services or companies. We're asking the question; why do they succeed, is it the idea, the creative process, design, business model, analysis or just good old fashioned luck.
The speakers cover a broad spectrum of experience in this field, from an individual who has become a do-it-yourself sensation to someone working on ideas at a company it's fair to say is part of all of our daily lives. Our goal is to further develop our idea and broaden our interaction with the people that join our projects and concepts.

29. May 2014. - 30. May 2014.

IoT Lab at the DanubeIT Conference and Matchmaking event in Novi Sad in Serbia

20. March 2014.

Meet us at the FIA conference in Athens

IoT Lab will be at the FIA conference in Athens.  Look for the IoT6 exhibition

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